Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Dinner Menu

I am hosting Easter dinner, as I have for the past four years now.  I thought I would share my menu and some good links to recipes I am using.  This year is a smaller gathering, (my husband's sister rotates between her side and her husband's side) so without their family of five, and my mom going with her boyfriend, there will only be 7 adults and 2 kids.  This allows me to make my favorite....roasted lamb. YUMMY!  Here is my menu:

Cheese and crackers, plus whatever app my mother-in-law brings

Main Course:
Lamb- Ina Garten's recipe and we just got a new Weber grill
Grilled Chicken Breast for my sister-in-law who doesn't like lamb
Roasted asparagus
Scalloped Potato Gratin- Tyler Florence's recipe
Peas with Shallots and Pancetta- Bobby Flay's recipe

Banana Pudding Gone Amazing, plus whatever dessert my sister-in-law brings

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